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The Excel Utilities

There are several great development utilities available for the Visual Basic Editor, but the Excel Utilities is the only comprehensive add-in aimed at Excel user interface development.

The Excel Utilities provides a set of over 30 features that you'll use on a daily basis. These utilities greatly simplify numerous activities involving defined names, worksheets, shapes and application settings. Also included are some handy shortcuts and selection tools. New features in version 2.2 include:

  • 64-bit Excel Support - All Excel Utilities features now work equally well in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Excel.
  • A New Create Names Utility - This feature allows you to quickly and easily create large numbers of single-cell range names with any scope based on text labels anywhere adjacent to the cells being named. It's the old Excel Create Names feature on steriods!
  • Upgraded Move and Size Selected Object Feature - This feature, available in previous versions of the Excel utilities, has been updated to use pixels rather than points in its user interface, allowing much more precise control over the position and size of objects.
  • An Excel Utilities Ribbon Tab - Users of Excel 2007 and higher can now access all features of the Excel Utilities add-in from a new Excel Utilities Ribbon Tab. The layout of this tab has been optimized for wide screen monitors and provides one-click access to the 23 most commonly used features.
  • One-Click Access Buttons - Excel does not provide good (or any) keyboard shortcuts for several very frequently used dialogs. The Excel Utilities now provides toolbar buttons (and keyboard shortcuts) to give you one-click access to the Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Goto Special, Paste Special and Define Name dialogs.


Download the Excel Utilities (version 2.2.04)